Assistance Program

We love what we do and truly believe in the power of CBD. So we are offering assistance program for those that are in need.

How to qualify:

  • Long Term Disability (Certification from physician or disability income acceptance letter)
  • Veterans (Scan a photo & Attach DD-214, or State issued ID with Veteran endorsement, or Photo of VA Card). Discount applies to veterans only, not family members or friends
  • Low Income (Tax return from previous year, redact info such a SS#, etc. Below Federal Poverty Level)


  • $250 per month after discounts per shipping address and accounts (we detect duplicates)
  • No partial refunds on previous orders
  • Cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts
  • Discount of up to 50% off of retail price
  • We can accept physical forms of proof to our mailing address. Utility bills (eg: landline telephone, gas, electric, oil)
  • Any amount above $250 limit will not include the discounted price.


Your privacy and how your documents are handled (full transparency):

  • Your documents will never be printed or transferred onto any other media outside of our fax system and network. Our fax system is digital, so they never land on a physically printed device.
  • Documents only provide a means of verifying one's qualifications.
  • We maintain relationships with HIPAA compliant documentation partners.
  • We use HIPAA compliant systems.
  • Your documentation will be digitally stored for compliance measures.
  • Privacy is secured by never transmitting your documents to any other third party.
  • We will never sell or share any of the data you have entrusted to us on any level, up to and including these documents.