​How do I figure out how much CBD tincture to dose?

Published by SR on Nov 26th 2019

Some of us get confused on how we can take a 30ml bottle of CBD tincture and measure a dose of 200mg of CBD oil. This way we're giving our bodies a controlled amount of CBD tincture each time we need this personal care option.

The nursing formula for converting milligrams to milliliters can be used. It's a very simple formula in which we need only 3 numbers. We'll always have these 3 numbers in this scenario, and here's how we will calculate them:

(desiredMG / haveMG) * quantityML = targetDOSEmg/ml

This is to say your desiredMG (the dose of CBD oil you desire, in milligrams) divided by your haveMG (the milligrams of CBD tincture the bottle has). Take that result and multiply it by the quantityML (the amount of tincture in the bottle).

So, if we want 200mg of CBD and we have a 30ml bottle of 2500mg of CBD tincture, we would calculate as follows:

The verbose/wordy approach:

(200mg / 2500mg) * 30ml = Two hundred milligrams divided by two thousand five hundred milligrams is 0.08 milligrams. We'll take that 0.08 milligrams and multiply it by thirty milliliters and we'll have our answer, 2.4mg/ml. How many total doses does this 30ml bottle of 2500mg CBD oil provide? We'll just take the bottle's 30ml size and divide it by the 2.4ml per dose. This means the bottle will provide a total of 12.5 doses.

Now let's write that a little more simply using the figures we have already:

The simplified/quick approach:

CBD in bottle: 2500mg | Tincture in bottle: 30ml | Desired dose: 200mg

(200mg / 2500mg) * 30ml

0.08mg * 30ml


We hope this helps having it written out and also displayed in a more simple, direct format as well.