How much CBD tincture should an adult take?

Published by SR on Nov 21st 2019

Figuring out where to start including CBD in your personal care can be a very tricky question. Like anything, this all depends on our unique body chemistry. We all work different, so the best starting point is in your doctor's office. Discover any possible sensitivities and possible concerns that could weigh differently your CBD options or needs!

Consult Your Doctor First:

This is always a topic that should be discussed with your medical doctor or licensed medical specialist. We at CBD Farmhouse will not pretend to be medical professionals, but we wanted to at least give some kind of controlled suggestions to help get our clients going!


If you consider yourself to be medically sensitive, the below suggestion's dose in milligrams could be reduced by half. So, if the ideas below suggest a 50mg dose, divide it in half to 25mg. The frequency by which the dose is taken can remain the same.


Most of us take our CBD twice daily, but few have an idea of a thrice a day frequency. If you're taking 100mg/day overall, divide that by 3 and measure ~33.3mg for the dose instead of 50mg if dosing twice a day.

Beginning, and Ending:

A great idea is always to titrate one's intake up or down over time. So if you're beginning a new health regimen that includes CBD, start and end slowly.

How to Ingest:

Ingestion of a CBD tincture is best if taken sublingually and held in that spot for no less than 60-90 seconds. This means dropping your dose under your tongue. Specifically, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and drop the tincture under your tongue, just behind your bottom teeth.

Dosing suggestions for adults (persons over 100lbs):

For the fist week, we'd use a total of 50mg per day. Taking this twice each day, the morning dose would measure at 25mg and the evening dose would also be 25mg.

During the second week, we would increase the day's total intake to 100mg/day. Our morning dose would be 50mg, then to close the day off we would dose another 50mg that evening.

We would treat the 3rd week the same at 150mg for the day's total, dosed at 75mg in the morning and 75mg again in the evening.

Finally the 4th month we'd maintain 200mg (100mg twice per day) until we feel it's not needed anymore.

As we finish our long-term CBD intake, we would also titrate down using this same approach over the course of 4 weeks.

In future content, we'll discuss how a full bottle's content (usually measured in milliliters) compared to its CBD content. This way we can properly dose 100mg of CBD from a 100ml bottle of tincture that has 1000mg of CBD within. (example numbers, so we'll get more granular in articles to come!)

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