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We offer many types of edibles but some people are always finding creative ways to incorporate CBD into their daily life. People are adding CBD oil to their meals and snacks and some people are catching on to this trend. So, instead of using the trial and error system, we are providing people with the basics of how to cook with CBD oil. Before providing you with the recipes, we will introduce how CBD and food work together and what to look for while cooking with CBD.

CBD Oil & Food: A Delicious Combination…

Cannabidiol is one of many complex compounds found in the hemp plant but it has no intoxicating effect which makes it a unique cannabinoid. CBD has become so popular because of its potential effects and its raving reviews from the Cannabis community. Many companies and consumers have come up with many different edibles to take their daily dose of CBD in discreet and delicious ways. Many people are adding CBD to meals to avoid the after-meal crash or for a morning boost.

Three Things to Know When Adding CBD Oil into Food…

Watch the heat: While cooking with CBD Oil, you should be careful with the temperature of the food when adding CBD oil. CBD is a very sensitive cannabinoid when it comes to heat. When CBD is exposed to any temperatures above 320 degrees Fahrenheit, the cannabinoid starts to evaporate and degrade. For this reason, you should monitor the temperature closely to make sure the cannabinoid isn’t affected. We suggest using an oil with a high concentration of CBD so if the CBD degrades there is enough CBD left over.

More Fat the Better: This might not sound like the healthiest advice but one of the easiest ways to make sure your CBD infused food comes out just like you want is to make sure to add some fats. For example, adding butter, cheese, or whole milk to your recipe. This step is vital if you want to keep your CBD intact.

Amount of CBD Oil: People may think that they should be putting a bunch of CBD in a meal in order to incorporate it but in reality a small amount does the job. Start with your normal serving size and go slowly from there until its the right amount. This is because the CBD could also affect the outcome of the recipe. If you are cooking with CBD oil, the oil could cause the recipe to turn out a different way. So be careful, patient, and ready to improvise your recipe.

Ideas of Food to Add CBD to…

Smoothie with berries


A smoothie is a delicious way to take your daily CBD. In addition of taking your favorite CBD, you can get some great nutrition from whatever fruit, vegetable, or seeds that are added to your smoothie. A smoothie is also an healthy way to start your morning.Cof

Cup of coffee and coffee beans


Coffee and CBD are the perfect combination from satisfying your daily caffeine crave to providing the benefits of CBD into your body. We would recommend the coffee be cold brew if not, make sure the coffee isn’t too hot. The addition of CBD could give you the additional boost that makes you drink less coffee throughout the day.

What we provide…

We sell CBD oil and CBD flower that can both be used to incorporate CBD into your daily life and meals.


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