Meet CBD Farmhouse

Meet CBD Farmhouse - The Best Place to Buy CBD Online

Our home base is in Texas, and our family consists of individuals with many unique experiences and backgrounds. We are a small group of eclectic individuals ranging from pharmacy, information technology, entrepreneurship, and cannabis enthusiasts. We are believers in empowering others to take an active role in their health, educating to demystify the perceptions of hemp-derived CBD, and providing top-tier CBD products.  We are a full-service, pharmacist led CBD company that offers white label, wholesale, retail, and distribution of CBD products. Check out our amazing products to buy CBD oil, and other CBD products, from our online store.


Our Mission

We pride ourselves in creating affordable Pure CBD infused or isolate products that help build wellness, health and promote an active lifestyle. We strive to make CBD widely accessible to everyone via our CBD oil online shop, especially for the people who need it most.  

A percentage of our profits will help fund the CBD Farmhouse Assistance Program. This will allow Veterans, persons with a long-term disability, and individuals with low income to gain access to our CBD products at a lower cost.



Our Hemp is 100% Grown in the USA

We believe that quality hemp begins at the roots and soil. We take pride in our natural farming practices and are in the process of becoming organic certified. Our hemp is currently 100% sun-grown in family-owned farms in Boulder, Colorado and Georgetown, New York.


Third Party Product Testing at our CBD Online Shop

Although CBD Farmhouse is pharmacist owned, we are committed to making every single product through the best possible extraction process. Every batch in our CBD online shop undergoes multiple rounds of high level testing for heavy metals, pesticides and potency. This is to ensure that every products meet our demands for quality and safety you can trust. Shop CBD Farmhouse to buy CBD oil online!