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As the use of CBD becomes more mainstream throughout the state and country, new and improved options are becoming readily available. At CBD Farmhouse, we offer the latest in HHC and other CBD products for our customers in the Dallas area.

We are a leader for Delta 8 hemp products, while also offering a number of HHC flower products, which are becoming a popular choice for our customers. HHC is an example of a naturally occurring compound, the cannabinoid, which is found in the hemp plant. It is chemically known as hexahydrocannabinol, or the hydrogenated form of THC which is found in hemp plants.

Options to Consider

For consumers in Dallas who may be new to smoking or vaping CBD products, HHC flower offers a unique flavor profile and experience. At CBD Farmhouse, we offer a variety of interesting and popular flavor profiles, including the fruit and citrus flavors found in Skywalker HCC as well as the sweet flavor of the Cookies HCC flower.

As with any flower product, the HHC flower offers smoking or vaping options. We even have our new line of HHC Gummies that come in packs of 20 or a smaller pack of six so that you can try all our incredible tropical flavors!

CBD Farmhouse offers easy online ordering and delivery throughout the Dallas area and beyond. We are available during business hours to answer any questions you may have about our products or your order. To get in touch, call us at 877-613-3276.

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