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Ready to invest in some CBD flower? Want to really experience the hemp plant’s compounds in their rawest, purest, and most unprocessed form? If so, having the proper equipment to enable the smoking process is essential. The Elevated Trading Starter Kit provides a complete selection of hardware so that you’ll be able to get as much out of your flower sessions as possible. Each component is reliable, high in quality, and easy to clean.

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A lot of CBD enthusiasts eventually find themselves gravitating toward hemp flower, as its pure and raw nature makes it particularly bioavailable, especially when smoked. Flower hobbyists enjoy exploring different strains based on what they are trying to get out of their CBD experience from day to day. But, you cannot truly enjoy flower products unless you have the right hardware. The Elevated Trading Starter Kit is an all-in-one setup that gives you each hardware component necessary to maintain a user-friendly and effective routine smoking those raw hemp buds.

The Elevated Trading Starter Kit is a travel-friendly kit that’s only missing the flower. The silicone pipe is reliable, shatterproof, and is easy to take apart so that you can keep it clean. A grinder allows you to grind up your bud according to your preferences whether you wish to use a pipe or papers. Lighters ensure that you will always be able to light up a hit of CBD flower, and a childproof container lets you travel with your flower securely while keeping it as fresh as can be when it’s not in use. 

Get set up correctly with our starter kit that provides everything that you need!

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