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Joel Eastman
Joel Eastman
Spectacular help. Very knowledgable and kind. I cannot reccomend enough. The slushies are AMAZING
Eden Aguirre
Eden Aguirre
It’s Always a great experience when you come in! ☺️ their products are amazing! You will never be disappointed ✨🫶🏼
Rikki SuShaun
Rikki SuShaun
Awesome shop! Great customer service, and explained everything so thoroughly! Will be back and will definitely recommend!
Sarah Garrett
Sarah Garrett
This place is fantastic, I love that it is local and if you ever need assistance the people are super friendly and knowledgeable.
Thomas “Ramp”
Thomas “Ramp”
I’ve been on every pill you can imagine to try and help with stabilizing my mood. These are absolutely all you need if you take gabapentin.. seroquel.. Xanax.. Paxil.. etc.. you are cheating yourself of true happiness and contentment through out your Dailey life. They are a must try and I highly recommend them to EVERYONE!
Travis Littig
Travis Littig
Friendly service, quality in house products, and good selection. Shop local!
Sydney Will
Sydney Will
Great customer service & inventory!
Lilith Colbert
Lilith Colbert
Loverly people and products
Victor Saldivar
Victor Saldivar
Never really trusted cbd products but I decided to give it a try , xochil helped me choose the right item after explaining to her what and how I had been feeling through the day, She recommended the D9 Gummies 10:1. After a couple of months of using this product I can say I’ve seen an improvement in my day when I’m experiencing moments of anxiety. I recommend checking this place out and speaking to Xochil for any questions you may have!

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