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Pain Relief With Delta 9 Gummies

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Pain Relief With Delta 9 Gummies Most people have occasional or chronic types of aches and pains, and the level of these issues can range from mild to significant. Managing pain using traditional over-the-counter or prescription medications can be challenging, and these medications can have other health considerations. CBD Farmhouse offers a top selection of […]

CBD Gifts for Dads

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Dad’s may be skeptical when it comes to CBD due to its associations with cannabis.  They might have concerns about its legality, potential psychoactive effects (although CBD does not produce a “high”) or lack of long-term research on its effects.  However, some dad’s may view CBD as a health and wellness, they may be curious […]

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CBD & Mental Health

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The impact of CBD on mental health remains a topic of intense debate. Can CBD truly relieve symptoms of depression and PTSD? This article explores the potential benefits of CBD for mental well-being. What is mental health? What is mental health really? Mental health involves our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  All which impact our […]

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Benefits of CBD, Ashwagandha, L-theanine for super moms


What do supermoms need, to function in their everyday activities, you may ask.  Maybe, a day at the spa, getting their nails done, or simply, rubbing their feet after a long day may help.  However, this may only last so long and it may get pricey.   What moms may need, is a combination of […]