CBD & Delta 8 Tinctures

We offer a selection of CBD for sleep for those who want easy dosing with an all-natural product and no additional sugar, real or artificial.

Our lifestyle line to CBD oils for sleep, are Sleep + and Serene. Both are full spectrum 2500mg formulations with functional terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, and B-caryophyllene to help you drift peacefully into dreamland.

We also offer our original formulations of 2500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil and the THC-Free version for those who want the potent cannabinoids by themselves. Try our Delta 8 tinctures if you prefer the full body relaxation and to quiet the mind.

CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9 & HHC Edibles

CBD gummies and Delta 8 gummies for sleep are an easy way to get yourself tucked into bed. As edibles can take 45 minutes to an hour for its onset of action, it also stays in your system longer as well to keep you asleep.

The Full Spectrum Sleep + gummies are ideal for people new to CBD, with the sleep ingredients enhanced with valerian root and 2mg of melatonin. Pharmacist-formulated just enough to fall asleep, stay asleep, and not get that next day sleep hangover.

If you are an experienced user and want something that targets full body relaxation with less psychoactive activity, Delta 8 gummies are an ideal option. For those who want a floatier head experience, try our Delta 9 gummies that have 10mg delta 9 and 50mg CBD for that well rounded, relaxed experience. HHC, also known as the “head high cannabinoid” is another option for those who are ready to drift into space.

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Disposables & Carts

Vaping options are one of the fastest way to experience hemp cannabinoids, with the added benefit of the effects not lingering too long. Our vapes and disposables are 3rd party tested and formulated with 95% pure distillate and 5% natural and hemp derived terpenes, nothing else for a pure and clean experience with no fillers. There are many strains to try out to match your vibe: indica, sativa, or a balanced hybrid. Only here can you find the best HHC Vape Cartridge in Dallas.

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