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CBD Farmhouse


Our home base is in Texas, and our family consists of individuals with many unique experiences and backgrounds. We are a small group of eclectic individuals ranging from a pharmacy, information technology, entrepreneurship, and cannabis enthusiasts. We are believers in empowering others to take an active role in their health, educating to demystify the perceptions of hemp-derived CBD, and providing top-tier CBD products.  We are a full-service, pharmacist led CBD company that offers white label, wholesale, retail, and distribution of CBD products. Check out our amazing products to buy CBD oil, and other CBD products, from our online store.

Our Mission

CBDFarmhouse™ has committed to set standards of excellence in organic quality and affordable products from our USDA hemp farm to finished products. We take pride to inspire educate and empower the CBD community. This isn’t just a mission, its our passion.

Pharmacist-Owned Company

Our licensed pharmacist formulates our proprietary blends and oversees all production and quality control to make sure each product is safe and effective.

Natural and Organic

We choose the best natural ingredients that are also functional to enhance our hemp products.

Affordable to Everyone

As a manufacturer, we have the capability to offer the highest quality and the lowest prices straight to the consumer, without the middleman.

Third Party Tested

We test each batch for safety and potency to ensure that you receive the best quality products as labeled.


I’ve ordered plenty of times and can definitely say they are super friendly and have great customer service. Products are high quality and I have shared this company with many friends which they too have kept ordering from here. I’ve only had a problem twice, but was instantly sent a new item. Love this shop so much! Definitely will keep ordering.

Hands down the best CBD place anywhere in DFW. The staff is extremely helpful and polite, answering any questions you have. I personally use the cartridges and they work so well for what I need them to do. If you are searching for a “perfect” CBD store, this one is it. Will never go to another place again.

Wow! The team at CBD Farmhouse has outdone itself with their new lineup of Delta 8 products. I am in love with these gummies and my tincture helps me sleep. Bravo for giving us what we need right now and at a GREAT price!! Thank you!


We believe that quality hemp begins at the roots and soil. We take pride in our natural farming practices and are in the process of becoming organic certified. Our hemp is currently 100% sun-grown in family-owned farms in Boulder, Colorado and Georgetown, New York.


Although CBD Farmhouse is pharmacist owned, we are committed to making every single product through the best possible extraction process. Every batch in our CBD store undergoes multiple rounds of high level testing for heavy metals, pesticides and potency. This is to ensure that every products meet our demands for quality and safety you can trust. Shop CBD Farmhouse to buy CBD products online or come in and see us! We’d love to meet you.
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