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what we do.

About Us

Our home base is in Texas, we’re a bunch of folks from different backgrounds with various interests, experiences and backgrounds. Ranging from a pharmacist, information technologist, entrepreneurs, and CBD enthusiasts. We all share one thing though: an appreciation for good health and a balanced life.

We are believers in empowering others to take an active role in their health, educating to demystify the perceptions of hemp-derived CBD, and providing top-tier CBD products.  We are a full-service, pharmacist-led CBD company that offers white-label, wholesale, retail, and distribution of CBD products. Check out our amazing products to buy CBD oil, and other CBD products, from our online store. We are your trusted source for all your CBD and Delta8 Products.

CBD Products

Our Mission — Pharmacist Owned

CBD Farmhouse™ has committed to a set of standards in excellence providing organic, high quality and affordable products. All right from our Trusted USDA hemp farm to our in house lab to deliver you a high-quality finished product. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower the CBD community. This isn’t just a mission, its our passion.

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Third-Party Testing on all CBD Products

Although CBD Farmhouse is pharmacist owned, we are committed to making every single product goes through the cleanest possible extraction process. Every batch in our CBD process undergoes multiple rounds of high level testing for heavy metals, pesticides and retested for potency. This is to ensure that every product meets our demand for quality and safety. Shop CBD Farmhouse to buy CBD and Delta8 products online or come in and see us!  We’d love to meet you.