Our Humble Beginnings

Written April 17, 2024

4 years ago we were able to open up our dream business in a 1200 sq ft office. A lot of people thought we would fail since Texas wasn’t ready for cannabis, let alone its safer cousin, hemp- CBD.

They didn’t think we would make it to year 2, let alone year 5. There were a lot of uncertainties and stigma against hemp because people still thought it was weed, and only used to get “high”. We went through some crazy years educating hemp health and dispelling the stigma against CBD. Now one of our best customers are vets, grandmas and grandpas.

Just as we were growing, we went through the pandemic, inflation, and on top of that, life. What we went through would make anyone who wanted to start a CBD business run the other way. And you know what? It’s all been 100% worth it. We’ve built amazing relationships with our customers and community.

Your purchase isn’t funding the CEO’s next vacation home. Your purchase is helping our employees pay for their cars, towards their education, or to buy those really cool kicks. It’s helping support our families. Your purchase means more to us than you know. Without you, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

You’ve allowed us to continue our dream with every order, every social media share and like, every Google review. Every time you tell a friend about us, all of this matters. We’re thankful for all of it. Our goal is to continue to grow our brand and serve you with the highest standard this city deserves.

To our team – some of you all have been with us through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hard. We’ve also seen so much growth out of everyone because of it. Some one you have found your true calling outside our business, and we are so proud. Thank you for showing up and giving it your all.

We are living in gratitude every day.

“Sativa to change the things we can, Indica to accept the things we cant.”


CBDF Roots