CBD and Delta TInctures

CBD Oils offers fast systemic relief from the inside out that may help with recovery and calm the inflammation process. Our lifestyle line offers CBD oils with functional botanical terpenes to ease pain perception and offer a small boost of energy to get you moving again. Our Energize tincture contains a proprietary blend of limonene, linalool, and A-phellandrene as a mood elevator that also helps with anxiety and sedation.

CBD Topicals For Recovery

Full spectrum heating and cooling roll-ons offers targeted pain where you need it the most. It goes well with our CBD Full Spectrum Tinctures.

CBD & Delta Edibles for Recovery

If edibles are your preferred choice of cannabinoid consumption, our delta 8 and delta 9 gummies are convenient options to use for recovery. Delta 8 gummies are a fantastic choice if you want full-body relaxation with less of a psychedelic effect. You can find Delta 9 gummies and HHC gummies in Plano and Carrolton that offers a more euphoric, head-high experience that may also reduce pain perception. Although we do have higher potency products that you can find, like 50 mg CBD Edibles in Dallas, start low and go slow with all Delta products. Don’t forget! Many customers micro-dose our gummies by cutting them into quarters to suit their needs.

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