Top Selection Of CDB Tinctures

One of the most popular product lines we offer at CBD Farmhouse is our selection of CBD tinctures. All of our tinctures are made from hemp grown products in the USA. This hemp is grown using natural farming methods, eliminating the use of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides on the crops. We work strictly with family-owned farms, who are in the process of becoming certified organic growers.

Tinctures are made by extracting the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, using high-proof alcohol as well as a CO2 extraction method. This is an effective method that does not alter the compounds found in hemp, rather retaining the beneficial qualities. Many of our products are also infused with terpenes and oil to create an ideal formulation.

Options in CBD Tinctures

We offer a CBD isolate tincture, which is produced by combining the pure form of CBD isolate, without the presence of even trace amounts of THC. Our CBD full spectrum tincture provides a complete formulation of CBD, along with related plant compounds, creating what is called, the entourage effect. Customers in Richardson, Dallas, or Irving can shop online and we will also deliver, making the process as convenient as possible.

Our CBD tincture selection is formulated to promote healthy sleep, calmness, relaxation, creativity, and provide energy. Our tinctures are easy to use, while being discreet, to take as needed. These are ideal for any time of the day. We even offer pet tinctures, which is a THC-free hemp for your four-legged family members.

For more information on our tinctures or other CBD products, give the team at CBD Farmhouse a call at 877-613-3276.

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