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Is Delta 8 legal in Texas? YES!

With the passage of yesterday’s legislative deadline for conference committee reports to be printed and distributed. CSHB 3948 is officially dead! This means that Delta 8 is legal to use in Texas. Congratulations to the team and a sincere thank you to all for your individual and collective contributions to this important client win. Because of this the Texas hemp industry will flourish! 

As famed author Napoleon Hill once said, “great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice and is never the result of selfishness”. So it was with our team effort on the battle between the House and Senate over banning D-8 in CSHB 3948! In addition, the removal of Sen. Perry’s language banning D-8. It was amended onto HB-2593 by Moody’s reclassification of offenses involving THC under the Controlled Substances Act. This was yet another example of respectfully allowing Rep. Moody to pass his bill, without compromising our goal of removing Perry’s language from the bill! HB 2593 will be considered today on the floor of the House and Senate for approval of the conference committee report. 

In other related industry news, HB 1535 by Klick (cannabis compassionate use, low THC) was passed by both bodies.The House concurred with the language amended in the Senate with 1% THC by weight cap. The bill now moves to the Governor’s Office for consideration. 

All in all, a very good result for the Texas Hemp Federation! Thanks to all the supporters and people who signed the petition. A big thank you to those who came together to fight this cause in keeping the Texas hemp industry alive!