Delta 8 Disposable Pens


The Best Delta 8 THC Vape Disposable on the marketing featuring Ispire Dual-Core Cartridge 

Introducing the newest cannabinoid to hit the market by the storm. With pure concentrate of Delta 8 @ 90% – 96%. Our Delta 8 Carts and disposables Contains no fillers and 5% natural terpenes. 

Our custom Decore® cart lets you experience the complete flavor spectrum. Designed to deliver better hits, superior flavor, and power. 

  • Featuring the best dual-core on the market 
  • Leakproof and anti-clog or your money back 
  • Testing at 90%+ (900 mg+) min 
  • Resistance 1.6 ohm 
Earn up to 20 points.
  • 4 Pack Bundle
  • Orange Dreamsicle
  • Pineapple Express
  • Skywalker
  • Sour Diesel