CBD Farmhouse Products come in many varieties, but one product in particular is proving to be a favorite among our customers.  Delta 8 THC vape carts offer a fast-acting and potent way to explore the effects of delta 8, which is a federally legal cannabinoid known for its mild psychoactive effects.  Vaping this cannabinoid comes with the addition bonus of allowing users to choose from a great selection of strains, since each one adopts the flavor profile of a known strain that exists on the hemp market.

CBD Farmhouse’s Lineup of Awesome Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

Our in-house delta 8 cartridges go above and beyond to deliver the ultimate hemp vaping experience and are most popular in the family of CBD Farmhouse Products.  With 90%-96% delta 8 THC and terpenes, these cartridges contain zero additives or fillers of any kind, providing you with nothing but the naturally occurring compounds found in the delta 8 hemp plant.  All of these compounds have been rigorously tested by a third-party laboratory for quality and purity, and also come from experienced hemp farmers.

Each cartridge contains a full milliliter of vape oil, and because they’re 510-threaded, they are made to attach to any standard hemp vape pen device.  Within each cartridge is a well-crafted coil that ensures that each puff is smooth, flavorful and never harsh.

Why the Strain Matters

If you want the best delta 8 hemp experience possible, it’s important to consider the strain.  The “strain” is a term that refers to the breed of the hemp plant.  Each breed has a distinctive configuration of terpenes, which are compounds found in hemp alongside cannabinoids.  Terpenes are found in a plant’s essential oils, and determine the flavor and aroma of a plant, along with its distinctive properties. 

Because each strain has its own terpene profile, different strains yield different effects, while introducing a unique flavor profile.  There are three types of strains available:

  • Sativa: Properties that are more stimulating, associated with daytime use
  • Indica: Properties that are more mellowing, associated with evening use
  • Hybrid: A strain with both a sativa and indica parent, offering a balance between the two.  Strains can be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or evenly balanced.

There is no such thing as an objectively superior strain.  All of us have a unique goal when we consume delta 8 THC, as we’re seeking out specific properties, whether they be properties that help us feel more at ease, properties that make us feel more alert, or properties that make our bodies feel nice and relaxed.  The key is finding the strain that caters to your specific goals, so that you can maximize each delta 8 THC vaping session and enjoy exactly the experience that you were hoping for.

Choosing the Best Strain for Your Needs

In the family of CBD Farmhouse Products, our delta 8 vape carts come in 8 different strains from which you can choose.  Note that we also offer a bundle that provides you with 4 strains: Skywalker, Pineapple Express, Berry Gelato and Blue Dream. 

#1: Berry Gelato

Profile: An indica-dominant strain that is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry

Flavor: Sweet and creamy, with notes of blueberry

Effects: Berry Gelato is associated with mild psychedelic effects paired with a mellowing body high that can lead to couchlock.  Overall, it fits the profile of an indica-dominant strain with its more “chillout” mental sensation.

Best for: Relaxing after a long day; experiencing a break from physical tension and discomfort

#2: Blackberry Kush Delta 8 THC

Profile: An indica-dominant hybrid that results from a cross between Afghani and Blackberry
A hash-like flavor with notes of diesel and fresh blackberries

Effects: Blackberry Kush is a very mood-mellowing strain that’s best taken in the evening, as it also comes with a strong body high that can induce couchlock for the duration of the experience.

Best for: Dealing with physical discomfort and tension; chilling out after a long and stressful day

#3: Blue Dream Delta 8 THC

Profile: A sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Blueberry and Haze

Flavor: Prominent notes of blueberry, with a particularly sweet taste

Effects: A balanced high between body and mind, offering a melting effect throughout the muscles, stimulating cerebral properties and sensations of euphoria

Best for: Lifting the mood; engaging in a creative endeavor; dealing with tension throughout the body

#4: Caribbean Dream Delta 8 THC

Profile: An indica-heavy hybrid.  Due to being a rare strain, its origins are presently unknown.

Flavor: A particularly strong flavor profile with lots of sweetness and tropical fruitiness

Effects: A fast-acting, long-lasting high with strong indica effects including feelings of both euphoria and a mellow mood, paired with a nice, heavy body high.  Associated with drowsiness and couchlock.

Best for: Bedtime; unwinding after a stressful day; boosting mood; laying on the couch

#5: Orange Dreamsicle Delta 8 THC

Profile: A sativa-heavy hybrid that’s a cross between Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit

Flavor: Notes of fresh, juicy orange with sweet and creamy undertones

Effects: A versatile daytime strain that can be enjoyed at home or while out and about.  Many report feeling uplifted, and euphoria is common.  It may offer motivating properties that are great for creative endeavors and chores around the home.

Best for: As a very versatile strain, it can be a great daytime choice for just about anybody. 

#6: Pineapple Express Delta 8 THC

Profile: A sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian

Flavor: Strong notes of fresh pineapple and citrus

Effects: Enhanced alertness, creativity, sociability, physical activity and euphoria.  It’s known for being one of the most stimulating strains out there.

Best for: Socializing with people; getting work done; engaging in creative activities; managing fatigue; feeling more focused and aware; boosting mood

#7: Skywalker Delta 8 THC

Profile: An indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Mazar, Blueberry and OG Kush

Flavor: Notes of citrus, coffee and hops

Effects: Waves of euphoria paired with increased focus and enhanced feelings of creativity.  It offers a mild body high that’s enjoyable but not sedating.

Best for: Afternoons spent at home when you want to try something creative, play video games or just mellow out on the couch

#8: Sour Diesel Delta 8 THC

Profile: A sativa strain that comes from a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk

Flavor: A very pungent flavor with notes of diesel, sour citrus and skunk

Effects: Fast-acting cerebral stimulation and euphoria paired with physical motivation.  Like Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel is one of the most stimulating strains.

Best for: Lifting the mood; dealing with fatigue; getting things done around the house; engaging in creative activities

Find the Perfect Delta 8 THC with CBD Farmhouse Products!

As you can see, there really is a strain for everyone, whether they are looking to enjoy a nice mental and physical boost in the afternoon or want something that they can take at bedtime to mellow out.  We encourage you to try out the different strains that we offer as each one may be useful in some area of you daily routine.  No matter which one you choose, you can count on CBD Farmhouse products provide those effects that you’re looking for.