Hard to believe that we’ve already entered the holiday season, and yet here we are, starting to think about the gifts that need to be bought for our loved ones.  It seems like with each passing year, the process of picking out gifts for friends and family gets harder.  But there’s one gift that always does the trick, and that’s CBD Farmhouse products.  Once a niche industry, surveys now show that about a third of Americans, if not more, are regular CBD users.  This means that natural CBD products are more acceptable as gifts. CBD Farmhouse is more than just a CBD store

Organic CBD Products Show That You Take Your Loved Ones’ Wellness Seriously

There’s no doubt that personal gifts go a long way.  Gifts that cater to a loved one’s interest or need are more appreciated, and more likely to be used.  Organic CBD Products are a personal gift, as it shows our loved one that we care about their wellness and how they feel. 

CBD Farmhouse Products are rich in properties that include

  • Potential stress reduction
  • Potential relief from discomfort
  • Potential help at bedtime
  • Potential mood balancing

Therefore, when we think about it, pretty much everyone we know could really use some hemp in their lives.

CBD Offers Something for Every Friend and Family Member

Cannabidiol is a versatile cannabinoid that not only comes with lots of valuable properties but comes in all kinds of formulas.  This is very helpful to us because it means that there really is an Organic CBD Products for everyone in our lives no matter what their personal preferences are.

This market offers all kinds of unique formulas, including:

  • CBD capsules
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD Full Spectrum Tincture
  • CBD Isolate Tincture
  • CBD skincare formulas
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD bath products
  • CBD flower
  • CBD products for pets

As a result, you’ll be able to find a hemp-infused formula for each person on your list that already aligns with your preferences.  Your partner’s sweet tooth can be satisfied with delicious gummies, while your mom will be delighted by CBD bath products that enhance her favorite evening activity.

Many CBD Products are Perfect Stocking Stuffers

A lot of Natural CBD Products come in relatively small packages, such as 30ml tincture bottles, travel-friendly CBD topicals and pouches of gummies.  This means that you can find plenty of hemp formulas that make for perfect stocking stuffers, offering more value than the average item that you’d pull out of a stocking.

CBD Farmhouse Products Gently Encourages Loved Ones to Prioritize Their Wellness and Self-Care Needs

We watch so many people who we care about neglect their daily needs.  We all have those friends or family members who are in some level of discomfort, whether it be muscle tension, stress or burnout from work.  It can be hard to convince these loved ones that they need to start prioritizing themselves more.  But, Organic CBD Products can act as a gentle push to inspire them to start taking their own needs more seriously.  Because CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it can offer useful properties from head to toe that bring about a sense of inner balance.

CBD Farmhouse Products are an Extremely Useful Gift

Each gift that we give to a loved one should be one that they’ll genuinely get a lot of long-term, valuable use out of.  Sure, we can give them a bottle of wine, or a nice picture frame, however, cannabidiol delivers serious value to their daily lives, and long-term usefulness.  We’re certain that a friend or family member will appreciate Organic CBD Products more than another pair of socks or a box of candies.

Natural CBD Products Could Truly Improve a Person’s Life

We know that cannabidiol can be a transformative plant derivative that greatly enhances a person’s daily life.  We can’t tell you how many CBD Farmhouse Products users old us that taking CBD daily in one form or another has made them feel like their old selves again.  Therefore, giving someone Organic CBD Products are one of the most meaningful gestures you could do for them.  You never know just how much the cannabinoid could dramatically impact someone’s day-to-day for the better.

Best CBD Products at CBD Farmhouse for the Gift-Giving Season

While any of the CBD Farmhouse Products can make the perfect gift for a certain someone, some formulas in particular are more universally gift friendly. Here are our favorites, which we imagine anyone on your list would absolutely love.

#1: Hemp Body Butter 750mg – Lavender

Body butter always makes for a luxurious gift, and this hemp body butter provides intense moisture to the skin of the body while infusing the muscles and joints with 750mg total of pure CBD isolate.  The blend of coconut oil and moringa oil offers an all-natural moisturizing source, while lavender essential oil provides tranquility to the mind and a soothing effect to the skin. This is one of our most popular Organic CBD Products in skin care.

Perfect For:

  • Skincare enthusiasts
  • Spa lovers
  • Those with dry skin
  • Aromatherapy fans

Holiday Tip: Make the ultimate CBD Products gift basket with hemp body butter, some bath salts, some fuzzy slippers and some tea.

#2: Full Spectrum Gummies (30mg + Multivitamins)

CBD gummies are one of the most popular hemp products on the market.  They taste delicious, they’re easy to portion out and they yield the longest-lasting effects (8+ hours) out of any delivery method.  These mouthwatering gummies blend together CBD Full Spectrum Tincture and essential daily vitamins to act as one of the most useful products in the pantry.  And, if that wasn’t enough, they’re fully vegan, and flavored to enchant even the pickiest taste buds with bold, fresh and fruity flavor.

Perfect For:

  • Those with a sweet tooth
  • Nutrition enthusiasts
  • Those who could generally use a daily vitamin routine

Holiday Tip: CBD gummies are great for someone who has never used CBD before, since they’re extremely easy to take and offer relatively gentle yet widespread effects.

#3: CBD Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum  

If you have someone in your life who is always staying on top of the latest skincare trends, this CBD serum is a must.  It combines the known properties of the hemp plant with the latest in skincare technology to offer a powerful anti-aging formula that uses Swiss apple stem cell to rejuvenate the skin cells, offering a more youthful and plumper complexion.  Deeply moisturizing and great for sensitive skin, it can find a valuable place in anyone’s daily skincare routine. These Natural CBD Products are very popular among women.

Perfect For:

  • Skincare enthusiasts
  • Those with mature skin
  • Those with dry skin

Holiday Tip: Combine this with our Hemp Body Butter for a head-to-toe daily skincare regimen

#4: CBD/CBDA Tincture (500mg:500mg Peppermint)

CBD Full Spectrum Tincture and CBD isolate tincture are commonly administered orally, below the sublingual tissue, and are known for their clean and versatile nature.  This advanced tincture formula combines CBD with CBDA, its acidic predecessor that offers its own useful properties independent of cannabidiol.  And, flavored with natural peppermint, it couldn’t be more seasonally appropriate!

Perfect For:

  • Those with advanced daily needs
  • Peppermint lovers
  • Experienced CBD users with an interest in other cannabinoids

Holiday Tip: This compact 30ml bottle makes a great stocking stuffer.

#5: Full Spectrum Freezing Roll On

This CBD roll-on formula combines the power of Organic CBD Products with an advanced blend of arnica and menthol to offer a multitude of relief-inducing properties directly to the muscles and joints.  All-natural and moisturizing, it’s perfect for targeting specific troublesome areas throughout the body.

Perfect For:

  • Those with physical discomfort
  • Those who don’t yet feel ready to try CBD internally
  • Athletes and workout enthusiasts

Holiday Tip: Give this to any loved one who has a gym routine, since it can be great for post-workout recovery

CBD Farmhouse Products: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

At CBD Farmhouse, we’re here to make your holiday shopping easier than ever with lab-tested, premium-quality hemp products in all kinds of useful formulations.  Our products are affordable yet provide tremendous value to friends and family.  It’s again, all thanks to the properties of the hemp plant which can enhance just about anyone’s life.  Check out our amazing Organic CBD Products to buy all types of CBD products from our online store.