The Best In CBD For Dogs

Just like people, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that responds to the cannabinoids found in hemp extract. At CBD Farmhouse, we know how important it is for pet owners to provide relief for their beloved dogs from issues such as stress, anxiety, pain, and even neurological disorders like epilepsy. 

Adding a quality hemp pet tincture gives Addison pet owners a natural option that effectively supports their dog’s health and wellness. Different types of CBD for dogs make it easy to choose a tincture, treat, or even a pet peanut butter that is always a favorite option for dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Using CBD for Dogs

A hemp pet tincture is one of the easiest formulations to give CBD to your dog. This liquid can be added to the dog’s food just before feeding or with our bacon-flavored CBD tincture. Dogs love it dropped directly on their tongue. 

Our bacon-flavored CBD tincture for dogs is available in 500mg formulations of both isolate and full spectrum, allowing pet owners to find the ideal formulation for their pets. If your pet only needs the benefits of CBD, the isolate formulation may suit your needs better. The full spectrum tincture does provide some additional health benefits thanks to the entourage effect, which only takes place when different cannabinoids interact with each other. 

Hemp cheddar-flavored dog treats are another convenient option. These healthy, cheesy-flavored snacks also include real beef and chicken for a treat your dog will love. You can also feel good giving it to your dog as a treat.  

Our full spectrum Pet Peanut Butter is always a hit with dogs of all types and ages. Just one teaspoon of real peanut butter infused with cannabinoids contains 15mg of CBD. 

Adding CBD for dogs is one more way pet owners can help their puppies feel great while enjoying the health benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids. To find out more, call our team today at 877-613-3276.

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