Dad’s may be skeptical when it comes to CBD due to its associations with cannabis.  They might have concerns about its legality, potential psychoactive effects (although CBD does not produce a “high”) or lack of long-term research on its effects.  However, some dad’s may view CBD as a health and wellness, they may be curious and open to its alternative to therapies.  At CBD Farmhouse, we will give you great CBD gift ideas for dad, based on his needs.

Start with the basics.

As we all know, Dad’s will always be skeptical with CBD, as they associate it with “getting high”.  He will not believe you, when you try to explain the difference between CBD and Delta 8 or 9.   This is when you will drop some knowledge to him.

Let’s have a different view of CBD—Think of it as coffee.  Coffee has 4 main strains and over 120 plants.  Coffee by itself, is just coffee.  The flavor of the coffee depends on the plant, the region it grows and how its grown (inside or outside), as well as the quality of the soil.  Some people cannot drink regular coffee, as it may cause them to not sleep, gives them too much of the jitters or does the complete opposite, make them sleep.  Therefore, they will go for decaffeinated coffee.  There are no such thing as decaf coffee beans.  One must extract the caffeine prior to roasting, to create decaf coffee.

Now think of it as the hemp plant.  The hemp plant in its natural growing state, contains THC, including all the other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, CBD etc.  In order to isolate them, one must get it extracted in a lab setting.    Therefore, all CBD products will always contain a certain level of THC, even if it’s to the minimal, just like decaf coffee.

Let’s simplify it even further for Dad.  CBD or cannabidiol, unlike THC, it is not intoxicating and will not get you high.  Many people want to enjoy the experience of cannabis without the “high effects” of THC.

The next and most important step is to find a product that would benefit Dad.

CBD Gifts

CBD products come in different forms, such as topicals, gummies, tinctures, vapes, pre-rolls, flower, or wax. It’s important to know what dad struggles with the most.  Let’s say he works in a hard labor environment, Topicals such as our roll on’s or massage oil may help in alleviating muscle cramps and back pain.

What if he struggles with overthinking or might feel a little sad that you’re off to college, a tincture will help, to relieve that anxiety such as Hemp Tincutures.  He may not like tinctures and may prefer to have it in a form as a gummy, something our Balance gummies or B-Boost may help.

Maybe dad needs help sleeping, he may want to try our best seller, Sleep +.

Dad may be the active kind, where the first thing he does when he wakes up is grab his tennis shoes and go out for a run or straight to weightlifting.  HappiMush will help your dad with energy without getting the tingles from a pre-work out.

Try it together!

Lastly, try it together, and if he is willing to try our Delta 8, 9 products or HHC, make sure he micro-doses.  We don’t want to scare dad!

CBD Gift ideas