Recommended CBD Dosage doesn’t have to be confusing, we are here to help

When choosing the perfect CBD product for our daily needs, we consider the milligram strength.This plays a massive role in how effective a product may be based on our specific goals with the hemp plant.  However, the milligram strength factor can get a bit confusing when you consider the way in which different delivery methods absorb into the body.

Maybe you’ve noticed when shopping for CBD that the range of milligram strengths available for, say, a vaping product is quite different from that which you can find when shopping for hemp gummies.  This is because the milligram strength can affect you differently depending on the delivery method.  Before elaborating any further, for those who are fairly new to CBD, we need to briefly discuss what the milligram strength means.

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What is the Milligram Strength of a CBD Product?

Most products on the market that are derived from hemp such as vape oils, tinctures, edibles, and topicals, contain an extract of the hemp plant rather than the raw plant itself.  The number of milligrams of this hemp extract in the formula is the milligram strength. The strength can vary greatly between one product and the next.  What this means is that the milligram strength of a hemp product identifies how potent the product is, which therefore determines what your recommended CBD dosage will be.  

The milligram strength is an especially important deciding factor when shopping for CBD, as the strength of a product plays a huge role in whether or not that said product can actually help you reach your goals.

Most Commonly Available Delivery Methods for CBD

Let’s quickly go over the most popular delivery methods for CBD, before explaining how the milligram strength can bring about different results depending on which method you choose.


These are oil-based products that are absorbed beneath the tongue, through the sublingual tissue.  They take effect in about 15 to 30 minutes, lasting for about 4 or so hours

Vape Oils:

The fastest-absorbing and most potent products are next to the flower, as they absorb through the lung tissue very efficiently.  The effects usually last for about an hour.


Edible products such as gummies or even capsules take the longest to become active. This is because they need to slowly travel through the digestive tract.  Can take up to 2 hours to be felt in the body, but could deliver effects for around 8 hours, while being felt more subtly.


Topical solutions such as gels, creams, and salves absorb through the skin to reach the muscle and joint tissue beneath. Subsequently are only used for localized relief.  They absorb within minutes and can offer effects for up to 6 or so hours.

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Does the Same Milligram Strength Deliver the Same Potency Regardless of Product Type?

As you can see from the breakdown above, each delivery method absorbs into the body in a unique way. Therefore it can play a role in how potently you feel the properties of cannabidiol. It also affects how quickly you feel them and how long they last. The absorption is so unique between every delivery method, the way in which a specific milligram strength number affects you varies between each delivery method.

For instance, vaping products, as we said earlier, absorb at a quicker rate and are felt more potently compared to other methods.  Vaping 25 milligrams of CBD, therefore, can give you very strong effects.  Meanwhile, taking a 25mg CBD edible will not be felt as strongly, because the delivery method just isn’t as potent.

What this means is that if you’re looking to switch to a new delivery method, you should reconsider before simply choosing the same milligram strength you were using with the previous delivery method.  

Here is a break down of the general range of milligram strengths you will find per delivery method.

  • Tinctures usually come in 30ml dropper bottles, and the average strength of a tincture is usually 1000mg. Translating to 33 mg per dose.  Tinctures range from 250mg to 2400mg on average.
  • Generally, 10mg to 25mg is considered a standard dose for a CBD edible, but you can find 5mg to 50mg options on the market.
  • CBD vapes usually offer about 1 to 2 milligrams per puff depending on the strength of the overall formula.  The average dose is 1 to 4 puffs.
  • The milligram strength range for topicals is much wider. It’s hard to apply the above information to topicals as there is no recommended dosage.  Because they absorb through the skin, and only offer effects where the product is applied. Users can be very liberal about how much of the topical they use at one time in terms of the number of milligrams applied to the body.

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Choosing the Right Milligram Strength for You, Based on the Delivery Method

You can see how a general “Recommended CBD Dosage” can be hard to suggest. Now you have a better understanding of the milligram strength ranges available for each commonly used delivery method.  In the end it comes down to how you apply this information the next time you make a CBD purchase.

Basically, knowing the average milligram strength for each type of product can allow you to use this info to decide if you need a higher or lower-than-average amount, or stick with the standard amount, according to your needs.

In other words, when choosing a milligram strength, regardless of the selected delivery method, you should take your personal needs into consideration.  

For instance, perhaps you’re using CBD because you want something to help you calm down at the end of the day. You should consider the average milligram strength of the delivery method. Then take into account just how much you need help in the relaxation department.  

Now, let’s say you want to use a tincture.  If your needs are moderate, a 1000mg tincture will probably do the trick.  If you need something more intense, go with a higher strength.

Final Thought: The Recommended CBD Dosage Should Be Based On Your Needs

Ultimately, when selecting a milligram strength, consider your personal needs to make sure that you have the right potency level to reach your goals.  Each delivery method has its own variety of commonly available milligram strengths. Two products with identical milligram strengths can deliver quite different results.  Of course, it is also helpful to talk to your doctor first, who can give you more targeted and personalized advice based on your medical history and circumstances.